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Intellectual Properties

As an innovator and developer of electromagnetic propulsion and levitation technologies and systems, Sandor Shapery has received patents for:

U.S. Patent # 7,617,779 Issued: November 17, 2009 Linear Brushless D.C. Motor With Stationary Armature And Field And With Integratable Magnetic Suspension.

U.S. Patent# 7,963,228 Issued: June 21, 2011 Magnetic Suspension System With Integrable Propulsion

Other technologies in various stages of the patent pending process in the U.S. and International include:

  1. System And Method For Capturing Energy From A Railcar
  2. System And Method For Operating A Vehicle In Multiple Transportation Networks
  3. Magnetic Suspension System With Integrable Propulsion
  4. Asymmetrical Control Gap Magnetic Suspension System
  5. Container Transport System
  6. Method And System For Transportation Using A Magnetic Bearing Structure





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