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MagLEVrail Technology - Phase II

What is it:

MagLevRail is the first very low-cost maglev system that can levitate off of passive steel railroad tracks without the costly guideway, electric windings or wayside power required in all previous maglev systems.

How It Works:

MagLevRail utilizes a revolutionary new approach to maglev systems.

Instead of using magnetic attraction or repulsion as in all previously developed maglev systems, MagLevRail utilized forces at a 90-degree angle to previous systems using permanent magnets. The magnetic bearing design is based on the need to control magnetic flux patterns to maintain control over the permanent magnet's levitation in at least one direction of freedom. This is accomplished by a low-power computer/sensing system on the vehicle with magnetic coils designed to supplement the permanent magnetic forces to maintain magnetic equilibrium while hovering around the rails.

Particularly suited for:

Combining MagRail and MagLevRail Technologies:

Combining the MagLevRail and MagRail technologies allows for a two-phased transformation of existing rail infrastructure to (1) a low-cost electric railroad conversion, followed by (2) an even lower cost conversion to full maglev operation, all on existing railroad rights-of-way whose capital cost is similar to that of an existing diesel or electric train system and operates at less than one half the operating cost of a conventional diesel rail system due to the efficient LSM propulsion system and the lack of friction between the vehicle and the rails.

Financial Benefits:

Social Benefits:

Operational Benefits:





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